The bald soprano        Eugene Ionesco       


In this production the Martin and the Smith are two young hipsters couples. The apartment of the Smith is very particular, the wallpaper have deer-heads as leitmotiv, the inevitable mustaches decorate the back of the chairs and the room is illuminated by a lamp made from old audio-cassettes. Watches that do not mark the hours circumscribe the three spans of the room, the elevator door through which one enters, a secondary door leading to the rest of the house and a large semicircular window. But apparently they can not leave this room: the Martin are dead, lying on the ground and they already have a black ribbon drawing the bodies on the floor at the start of the play. In turn, the Smith will be the two dead bodies occupying the same positions of the Martin when the play ends, while the other couple are sitting in the living-room. Only Mary and the captain of the firefighters can enter and leave the room without problems ...

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