Hector Pascual biography, an argentinian costume-maker for theatre, ballet and opera. He arrived in Paris in 1950. Although that Hector Pascual is unknown, he worked with  genius of the theater of the last half of the 20th century. The text talks about his journey and the people he encountered on his path: the writer Héctor Bianciotti (which made Hector Pascual one of his characters in "Le pas si lent de l'amour", Ana de Pombo, Leonor Fini, Georges Wakhievitch, Jean Cocteau, Erte, Jean-Louis Barrault ,Jorge Lavelli ,Jacques Dupont, Salvador Dali, Maurice Bejart, Roland Petit, Rudolf Nureyev, the Barón de Rédé and Guy de Rothschild .... in the 70s , he joined the house Yves Saint Laurent, to create YSL Museum.


Published in Spanish.

First Prize International Latino Book Awards 

Forthcoming in French, Italian and English.

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